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  • Minister of Trade & Shipping

    Trade & Commerce

    A new consumer protection Law

    Consumer credit Law

    Code of Intellectual Property Law

    New Companies Act

    Insurance (Special Provisions) Act

    Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Act

    Export Development Board Law

    Young Inventors Commission

    Initiated the Fair Trading Commission Act

    New dimensions in economic reforms

    Restructuring of the CWE to become a profitable Organization & self-service Retail network

    Re building the Lanka Milk foods factory

    Export information centre

    Exporter’s Forum

    Presidential Export Awards

    Export Production Village Concept

    Concept of Employees Trust Fund

    Implementation of the open market economy and Eradication of shortages, queues for food & essentials, coupons & permits

    Introduction of a new legal frame work to ensure smooth transition of a closes economy to a market economy

    Establishing bonded warehousing for essential foods to ensure food security

    Ports & Shipping

    Unification of Port activities & creating the Sri Lanka Ports Authority

    Lanka Ports Authority Act

    Introduction of Transhipment

    Marine pollution Prevention Act

    Carriage of Goods by Sea

    Infrastructure modernization & development of the Port

    Pioneered the Containerization

    Development of the QEQ

    Construction of the JAYA Terminal the first modern fully computerized terminal

    Ports becomes a revenue earning organization for the first time

    Achieving 22nd position among world ports (138th in 1980)

    Mahapola- SLPA technical Training Institute

    Completion of the Sambudha Jayanthi Sthupa

    Re-fleeted the Shipping Corporation with new custom built ships to carry Sri Lankan goods to world ports.

    Re-structuring Colombo Dock Yard with a new dry dock to facilitate large vessels

    Dockyard supplied Tugs for SLPA & Petrol Crafts for the Navy

  • Minister of National Security and Deputy Minister of Defence

    Restructuring of the Armed forces from Ceremonial to a fully-fledged combat forces

    Restructuring of the Armed forces from Ceremonial to a fully-fledged combat forces

    Recruitment, training, equipping and establishing new units

    Instrumental in the establishment of the Special Task Force, Rapid Deployment Force, National Auxiliary Force, expanding Commando units

    Increasing camps up to 200+ in the war zone

    Teaching Tamil language to soldiers

    Welfare schemes for soldiers

    Keeping up the morale of the soldiers by visiting camps regularly

    Establishing the National Defence Fund

    National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (amendment)

    Planned & executed the Wadamarachchi operation that was stalled due to Indian intervention

    Played a multi-faceted role in the conflict; while building up forces for the battle, he had to keep the morale of the public by keeping them informed of the activities in the battle front, he needed to win the hearts & minds of the general public in the north.

    He had to be concerned about the international opinion as well.

  • Minister of Agriculture, Food & Cooperatives

    Introduction of the framework for “farming for the Market”

    Evolving cropping systems for different climatic zones & soil conditions

    Expansion of the agricultural research sector

    Preparation of systems to introduce agro business to the farming community

    Introduction of new farming methods to increase productivity

    Introduction of Agricultural Export Production Village Scheme

    Introducing the export oriented agriculture to the farming community

    Organizing livestock farmers in to cooperative societies

    Expanding Agro Well System

    Introducing the concept of Cooperative banking & insurance business

    Establishing Farmer Organizations

  • Minister of Education & Higher Education

    Introduction of the concept of equal opportunity for equal ability

    Increasing investment in the education sector

    Broad based opportunities to teach core subjects; science, maths & English

    Use of electronic media for education (particularly to benefit rural students)

    Introduction of a scheme to increase opportunities for technical & vocational education.

    Graded system in technical education with formal exit points from main stream of education

    Teaching of 2nd & 3rd Languages in schools & introduction of competency tests

    Introducing the Tri lingual alphabet with free school books

    Introducing Sports as a vocational subject for O/L & A/L

    Training for teachers

    Introducing English/ Sinhala/Tamil- Teacher Training camps

    Introducing the Teacher Service & Principals Service

    Year 9 Technical certificate

    Establishment of school Management Committee

    Compulsory attendance for students in public examination classes

    National education Commission

    University colleges